A number of lengthier texts have been made available to this site that are not available on the web, or that constitute special resources the visitor may wish to return to. Our thanks to all concerned. As you will see, we are gradually extending the number of Dieter’s original publications (scans), and expect in the next year or so to have a fairly broad selection.

For the latest addition to this page, we warmly thank Désirée Lempart for her kind permission to publish her M.A. thesis (in German) “Dieter Roths Schimmelmuseum: Installation als Künstlerinszenierung” from 2008. Thank You!
pdf Click here


The latest sensation on this page is the entire of Dieter’s Das Weinen - Das Wähnen, Tränenmeer 4 in German, kindly scanned in for us by Geraldine Spiekermann, who features frequently on this page. Thanks Geraldine! Due to the exceptional length of this major work, it is in two .pdf files.
File 1;   File 2

A tentative English translation of this literary masterpiece is available here, including a brief word from the Webmaster explaining the history of the translation - pdf. format Click here.

For those who wish to chart the history of this  extraordinary book to its origins, we also offer (once again thanks to Geraldine Spiekermann’s industry and generosity) the original texts that Dieter Roth inserted in the Luzerner Stadtanzeiger and which subequently developed into the six volumes of the “Tränen” series - six extremely rare books containing in later stages drawings and greatly expanded versions, including Das Weinen - Das Wähnen above. Click here for the almost ur-Text from Das Tränenmeer: pdf. Click Here

And more than that, we also have the first pages of Das Tränenmeer 3, vol. 1, Click Here


As a further contribution to Roth studies (or perhaps simply for fans of Geraldine Spiekermann) is her Master’s thesis “Taktiken der männlichen Scham: Über Dieter Roths Tränen”. Welcome to this page in your own right, Geraldine! pdf. Bitte hier anklicken


Further we present “Ill get Through”, an unpublished collection of all of the obituaries to Dieter on his death, translated into English, including a very sizeable interview with him shortly before his death. Although many of the authors have been asked for permission to be included here, not all could be contacted. Should publication on this site of a translation of an original article in any way offend the author we shall be happy to remove the piece at their request. Translated into English by Malcolm Green: pdf. format Click here

Another major text for Roth studies, in German, is Dirk Dobke’s “Melancholische Nippes” - his doctoral dissertation in German on DR’s multiples (albeit without Dieter’s handwritten comments): link, Click here.

We are also pleased to present Christian Reder’s essay on Dieter and a drawing by him, “Selbstbildnis als Erdbewohner”, from Reder’s book Forschende Denkweisen, Springer Wien, 2004, which contains a host of essays on Maria Lassnig, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Walter Pichler (like Reder, one of Dieter’s friends in Vienna) etc. etc. Our thanks to the author! pdf. Click here:

An early student of Dieterotology is Bernd Hammerschmidt, whom we heartily thank for permitting us the first ever publication of his thesis Technisch-Mechanisches und materielle Aspekte der Sprachverwendung sowie ihre Darstellungsformen im literarischen Werk von Dieter Roth.
pdf. Datei bitte hier anklicken


On a very different note, we are also delighted to be able to present the Picture-Poem that Günter Brus did for the Academy for the exhibition in Lübeck at the Petri-Kirche in Summer 2004, Wundunculum (try translating that!): Click here


Also a recent addition is a new, weighty publication that deserves a large mention is Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer’s doctoral dissertation Aporien des Selbst, Selbstbeobachtung als künstlerischer Schaffensprozess bei Dieter Roth, ausgehend von Mundunculum, which he has kindly placed on the web for all to read: Here the link


In past versions of this page we featured Angelika Weßbecher’s dissertation, “Sprache als Symmetriesurrogat”, but removed it in keeping with the author’s wishes. Those who nevertheless wish to view this very fine piece of writing can check the Dieter Roth Foundation’s website http://dieter-roth-foundation.com/kontakt - perhaps it is still there.

Indeed, one enduring error of this site has bene to ignore the work of our colleagues at the Dieter Roth Foundation, who will shortly be reopening the Schimmelmuseum in Hamburg. So do pay a visit to their website. http://www.dieter-roth-museum.de/en/

With the miracles of the scanner we can now also present two more new texts by Dieter: “Dieter Roths Bilder”, which he wrote for an exhibition at Galerie Ziegler in 1976 and which to my knowledge has not ever been reprinted, and “EINE FRAGE?” which, although in German, will interst every fan of Dieter’s if only for the astonishing typographical concept he used here! The repeating sentence in English reads roughly: “While I write this about this question I ask myself among other things: What’s that all about! Or perhaps I should say: What’s that all about? These after all are also just such things.”

Dieter Roths Bilder

Eine Frage?

A new obscurit has chacned to find its way to these pages - Dieter’s essay from 1986 on Swiss artist Johann Robert Schürch, who the reader may wish to look up in google or such like to see his rather realistic art. Dieter wrote this essay for the catalogue published by Kunsthaus Zürich (in German). Click here.


Missing from these pages for some time due a curious oversight by the webmaster during the refurbishing of this site is the English translation of Dieter’s foreword by Malcolm Green to volume 20 of his collected works, a fascinating text on flat art: Foreword

Parallel to the release of a new film on Dieter Roth - Dieter Roth Puzzle by Hilmar Oddsson, the Webmaster would like to include here a poem by Dieter that he was asked to translate for this cinematic venture:

Pictures from War (1, From The Wars of Religion)


John stands by the wall

Holding a bird in his hand,

And then two eggs like balls

Fall into John’s hand,

He chucks the eggs at the wall.


Then Christian comes out to the wall,

And tears John’s prick off,

At which John grabs his own balls

With his own hand and chucks them at the wall.


Then Gogo comes out of the wall,

And tears Christian’s head off,

At which Christian grabs his own balls

and his own eyes as well as John’s

With his own hand and chucks them at the wall.


Then Hogho comes out to the wall,

And tears Gogo’s Christian off,

At which Gogo grabs Hogho,

himself, Christian and also John

With his own hand and chucks them at the wall


Then the wall comes up to the wall,

And takes the bird and places it on its top,

With its own hand the bird chucks the wall

At Hogho, at Gogo, at Christian and at John,

Until the red blood streams out of them.


A new find: for those of us who have little or no German, the following short text, “From a Letter” by Diter Rot may be of interest. It was found by the Webmaster in a 1966 publication entitled Astronauts of Inner-Space, which included texts by Konrad bayer, Raoul Hausmann, William Burroughs, Jorgen Nash and Otto Piene - so someone (the editor, Jeff berner) was doing their homework! Please Click & Read!