It has come to the attention of the webmaster that certain elements in the Academy have expressed concern about apparent errors in the volume of Dieter’s prints published a few years ago by Hansjörg Meyer under the editorship of Dirk Dobke. Inveitably an enterprise of this size will produce a few errors, and since it is clear that the people who have moaned have not produced anything concrete themselves we feel we can only congratulate Dirk and Hansjörg. In the same spirit this page contains in totally unsystematic fashion works spotted at auctions that are claimed to be “Not in Dobke”. In addition we shall include various unique pieces that have been spotted and that may interst visitors to this site.
p.s. if anyone can identify these works then we can remove them!

Dobke 451: Out thanks to galerist Raphaël Lévy for pointing out that the renowned Tischset (above), a litho on top of a photo-offset, also came in a version with just the litho (cf. below)