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This page is aimed to bring news of coming events, activities by members, plus the latest updates so that people won’t have to search through all the stuff they already know. Latest news items are at the bottom. Truly outdated news will be removed.

The recent major exhibition of Dieter’s works in Iceland (featured in three museums simultaneously!) not only gave Icelandic visitors an opportunity to at last see the man’s work in all its glory, but also afforded people who knew his work from the recent Schaulage/Moma exhibitions a very different view of his work. Congratulations to Björn. And for those wishing to know more about the artist, Jan Voss gave a very insightful talk on him which is included below, and Malcolm Green read from Dieter’s writings. Both on the last evening of the show.

The exhibition(s) also provided the opportunity for the 5th DRA conference, a short affair but one that led to the members agreeing to meet next year in China and have their conference and an accompanying exhibition at the Chinese European Art Centre in Xiamen. A report is also enclosed below.

The exhibition also served as a launch for a new, important title, edited by DRA member Gunnar Helgason: Dieter, Roth Ad Gera: the pages of this book are reproductions of sheets of paper that Gunnar Helgason, Dieter Roth’s Icelandic carpenter on many occasions, has kept in a ring file. The file, labelled “Ad Gera” (Icelandic for ”to be done”), contains not only bills and sheets of calculations, but also many examples of the overt commitment Dieter Roth showed to every single detail of the things he wanted to have built, repaired or altered, and how this was done. The book is produced in Dieter Roth’s own Copy Book tradition. Ad Gera shows the artist who brought decay into art as a man who at the same time had a keen interest in construction. Reproduced in colour, with a foreword by Jan Voss, hard cover, 136 unnumbered pages plus 1 fold-out plate, 29.6 x 21 cm, ed/30 copies in Roth’s Verlag, Basel and Mosfellsbaer, 2004 (six additional copies exist numbered from I - VI for the private use of the owner of the manuscript and the publisher). Available from Boekie Woekie EUR 125.-

Jan Voss’s talk -> click here

Notes on the dRA meeting->
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A text by Andrea Tippel we all should read (It is she who decorates the left side of this page, next to Arnufiddur)
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Also doubtless of interest to all non-German speakers: the introduction to vol. 20 of Dieter’s Collected Works in a translation by Malcolm Green -
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SEEDY CDs, the producers of the Dieter Roth Letzte Lesung VHS tape and the Blah-Blah-Museum (the recording of the 4th DRA Conference in Lübeck 2004) now have a website: www.seedy.org

Dieter Roth’s “Die R adio Sonate” on CD again!
Seedy Cds/Sieh Dies together with Boekie Woekie, Roths' Verlag and the Estate will be launching a new CD of the R adiosonate in London at the big show now at Hauser &Wirth, Cheshire street, London on 25th of May
Be sure to get your copy - available as ever from Boekie Woekie

Click here for Stefan Ripplinger’s wonderful review in Jungle World (in German)

The performance of the Dieter Roth Orchestra broadcast last year on Bavarian Radio has led to a CD release of the same: Voted somewhat eccentrically “Radio play of the Month”, it contains wondrful musical ditties made out of Dieter’s wonderfully tough poems... taken from typische scheisse & various of the clouds books etc: Available from www.strunz-enterprises.de, or at Amazon.de (and sometimes on ebay).

Musicians/singers include Mit: Armand & Bruno, Andreas Dorau, Khan, Max Müller, Ghostigital, Mouse on Mars, Mutter, Namosh, Stereo Total, Trabant, Úlfur Hródólfsson, Walther von Goethe Quartett, Wollita, and Wolfgang Müller

Label Intermedium rec;
ISBN 3-939444-01-4
ISBN 978-3-939444-01-5

Coming in September 2007

arnulf rainer/dieter roth. mixing and separating. collaborative and individual works, 1968 - 2005.

September 7, 2007 - January 2008

The presentation includes photography, paintings, graphic art, experimental collaborative works, videos and publications created jointly by Arnulf Rainer and Dieter Roth between 1972 and 1979, most of them never shown in public before, as well as works from 1968 up until 2005.

The exhibition features twelve sets of works from this period of collaboration and links them to previous and subsequent work by Arnulf Rainer and Dieter Roth. The show extends to the present by including very recent photographic work by Arnulf Rainer presented in juxtaposition to the photo-booth shots from 1968. Departing from the visual invention of the photo-booth photographs and the overpainted photos created by Arnulf Rainer from 1968, the 160 pieces shown at the exhibition trace one of the most intense and creative collaborative artistic efforts of the last decades: between 1972 and 1979 the Swiss avant-garde artist Dieter Roth (then living in Basel, Stuttgart, Reykjavik and Hamburg) regularly stayed with Arnulf Rainer in his Vienna home in Mariahilferstrasse.

These visits gave rise to work phases when the two artists spent days and nights exploring all facets and many unexpected angles of the combination of photography, self-presentation, painting, drawing and video or film which Arnulf Rainer started to develop in 1968.

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 Deichtorstr. 1-2
D-20095 Hamburg
Tel. +49 (0)-40-32103-250
Fax +49 (0) 40-32103-230

Recently spotted on Google:

On writing to Ira Wool to see if he could cast any light on this surprising discovery, the webmaster received this reply:


  • Not at all surprising, Dieter was a famous real estate entrepreneur - and I was the American commander of the Irish Republican Army - however I can not explain the curse. since neither of us played the harmonica - on that they were misinformed.

Cheers, Ira



Freund der Akademie Florian Neuner lässt auf seine neue Erscheinung aufmerksam machen mit der folgenden Mitteilung:

“ich erlaube mir den Hinweis auf mein neues Buch, in dem esnicht nur eine Reihe von Roth-Bezügen & -zitaten gibt, sondern auf dessen Umschlag auch eine »Hommage à Diter Rot« von Jörg Gruneberg abgebildet ist:” index.cfm-master=5&category=1&template=book.cfm&b
Die DRA Redaktion hat das Buch leider noch nicht zu Augen bekommen aber gibt in den höchsten Erwartungen die Auskunft gerne weiter.


Somewhat later: Die Redaktion hat aber Nr 2 von Florian Neuners Zeitschrift Idiome bekommen, und möchte alle Leser auf sein hervorragendes Artikel über Dieter aufmerksam machen!Kontakt über idiome@snafu.de oder Florian neuner, Kastanienallee 38, 10119 Berlin

    Fans of Chistoph Schlingensief may be interested to view the document below which he left pinned to the door at Klink og Bank, Reykjavík in May 2005, at the time of Dieter’s retrospective in the city: Schlingensief distinguished himself by creating an animatograph entitled "HOUSE OF OBSESSION" - which was precisely that. The professor referred to here was not one of the DRA but someone on the Klink og Bank staff. Obviously Schlingensieff’s call is somewhat misplaced - the Academy members are quite capable of destroying it themselves - but if the German director and actionist wishes to help I am sure he would be welcome!

A word from the recently re-opened Dieter Roth Museum: “In Hamburg from 1974-98  Dieter Roth set up his own art museum together with the collector Philipp Buse. Roth determined himself what was important for the museum and  should be bought back from other collectors. His aim was to bring together a chronologically representative collection and make it available.  Likewise the way the works are hung is to a large part  determined by the artist. Today this private museum has over 3000  works by Dieter Roth from all areas, including originals, multiples,  prints, posters, jewellery and artists books, together with a work archive with library. Guided tours of the collection which extends over more than four storeys and academic research can be scheduled and arranged by email via te website: http://www.dieter-roth-museum.de/


NEW: Dieter Roth’s Last Reading - Die Letzte Lesung
published in 2003 as a German spoken video tape, this DVD version has a remastered sound and can now be watched with either German or English subtitles, playing time about 45 min., the book with a foreword and notes on the poems and texts by Malcolm Green contains a transcription of the improvised as well as the read text, soft cover, 44 pages, 21 x 15 cm, Heidelberg Amsterdam 2008
EUR 35,00